Week 1: Locations

by Sara Corona Goldstein

Week One (pp. 1-51)

Paris, France — Pelletier studied German literature at University here in 1980. (p. 3)

Munich, Germany — Pelletier travels here in 1981 and finds Archimboldi’s Mitzi’s Treasure and The Garden. (p. 4)

Turin, Italy — Morini teaches German literature here and is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. (p. 6)

Madrid, Spain (El Escorial) — Espinoza is excluded from a trip here with the Jungerians. (p. 7)

Berlin, Germany — Norton lives here for three months in 1988, where she is introduced to Archimboldi. (p. 9)

Bologna, Italy — German literature colloquium held in 1993, attended by Morini, Espinoza, and Pelletier. They meet Liz Norton. (p.11)

Bremen, Germany — literature conference held shortly after Bologna conference. (p. 12)

Avignon, France — the four critics meet again at the postwar European literature colloquium at the end of 1994. (p. 15)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands— they meet again in 1995 at a panel discussion on contemporary German literature. They meet the Swabian. (p. 17)

Frisian town (unnamed), Germany — the Swabian met Archimboldi and the widow here while working as a cultural promoter. (p. 18)

Buenos Aires, Argentina — the widow traveled here in 1927 or 1928, where her husband won three horse races and the lady talked with the little gaucho. (p. 20)

Hamburg, Germany — Pelletier and Espinoza travel here to visit Archimboldi’s publisher. They meet with Mrs. Bubis. (p. 24)

Salonika, Greece— Morini, while attending a conference, suffers a mild attack of temporary blindness. (p. 35)

Salzburg, Germany — the four meet again in 1996 at the contemporary German literature symposium. They learn that Archimboldi may be a Nobel candidate and declare peace with the other faction of Archimboldi scholars. (p. 36)

Hyde Park, London — Morini, while on a visit to see Norton, sits here reading a book about Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz and her recipes. He talks with and reads to a bum. (p. 48)

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