Week 5: Locations

by Sara Corona Goldstein

Paradise City, clinic Chicago – Jimmy Lowell, page the chief boxing correspondent for Black Dawn dies here. (p. 235)

New York City – Qunicy Williams (Oscar Fate) lives here. (p. 239)

Detriot – Fate travels here to interview Barry Seaman. (p. 239)

Jackson Tree, Michigan – two passengers on Fate’s flight to Detriot tell a story about a man named Bobby who capsized his fishing boat here, nearly freezing to death. (p. 240)

Athens, South Carolina – the bartender at Pete’s Bar in Detriot fought his last fight here. (p. 242)

Rebecca Holmes Park, Detriot – Fate and Seaman walk through his park before going into the church where Seaman gives his sermon. (p. 245)

Los Angeles, California – Seaman spent his childhood here. (p. 246)

Algeria; China – Seaman traveled here in his youth with the Black Panthers. (p. 247)

Santa Cruz, California – Marius Newell was killed here. (p. 247)

Folsom, Soledad, and Walla-Walla prisons – Seaman spent time here, trading cigarettes. (p. 249)

New York – Seaman goes here to get his cooking/history book published. (p. 251)

Route 80, between Des Moines and Lincoln – Seaman talks about seeing stars here. (p. 252)

Santa Teresa – an American disappears here, as reported by Dick Medina while Fate sleeps. (p. 258)

Brooklyn – Antonio Ulises Jones, the last Communist in Brooklyn, lives here. He is Fate’s first published story for Black Dawn. (p. 258)

Woodward Avenue, Detriot – Fate buys The Slave Trade by Hugh Thomas here; drinks some tea. (p. 261)

Tucson, Arizona – Fate flies here on his way to Santa Teresa to cover Count Pickett’s boxing match. (p. 263)

The Southwest coast of Africa; Corisco; Elmina (a Portuguese fort on the Gold Coast) – all places mentioned on page 361 of The Slave Trade by Hugh Thomas. (p. 263)

Cochise’s Corner – the restaurant where Fate eats on his way to the Mexican border. It is either three hours or an hour and a half away from Santa Teresa. (p. 264)

Patagonia; Adobe – towns Fate passes through on his way to the Mexican border. (pp. 270, 271)

Las Brisas – the motel in the northern part of Santa Teresa where Fate stays. (p. 272)

Arena del Norte boxing stadium – the stadium where the fight between Count Pickett and El Merolino Fernández will be held. (p. 272)

Hotel Sonora Resort – the hotel where most of the reporters are staying in Santa Teresa. (p. 273)

A ranch on the egde of Santa Teresa – El Merolino set up camp here before the fight. (p. 274)

Oceanside, California – Omar Abdul is from here. (p. 275)

Mexico City – Charly Cruz tells a story about Robert Rodriguez, who makes his first movie while living here in a whorehouse with El Perno, a pimp. (p. 280)

A ranch outside Las Vegas – Count Pickett is probably staying here before the fight. (p. 283)

Los Angeles, California – Hércules Carreño fights his last fight here, against Arthur Ashley. Carreño barely makes it to the eighth round and Ashley earns his nickmname, The Sadist. (p. 288)

Chicago – Chuck Campbell works for Sport Magazine here. (p. 289)

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