Week 5: Dreams

by Daryl L.L. Houston

231: Fate mentions something about a nightmare and a “dark, ask vaguely familiar Aztec lake.”

234: Fate thinks he’s dreamed (he doesn’t know it?) about a movie he had recently seen, but with everything switched. The dream was like a negative of the real movie he had seen because the characters were black rather than (one presumes) white. During the dream, with its differences, he realizes that the differences might render the dream a “reasoned critique” of the movie he had actually seen.

248: Seaman tells of Marius Newell’s dream in which he was breathing the Pacific beach air, which he loved.

250: Seaman describes the landscape he discovered after getting out of prison as “the smoldering remains of a nightmare we had plunged into as youths and that as grown men we were leaving behind.”

252: Seaman says that stars are semblances in the same way dreams are semblances.

263: Fate dreams of Antonio Jones. It’s not clear from the text what the dream was actually about, though since Fate is contemplating at the time the (unknown to him) circumstances of Jones’s death and the probability that he died of old age, perhaps we can conclude that the dream pertained to that topic.

270: Driving into Mexico, Fate recalls a dream, from when he was between childhood and adolescence, of a landscape similar to the one before him. He was on a bus with his mother and aunt watching an unchanging city landscape until they finally get to the country. There he sees a man walking along the edge of a wood in what for Fate at the time of the dream is distressing loneliness.

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