Week 4: Characters

by Brooks Williams


Father of Rosa, ex-husband of Lola (164). Finds a copy of Testamento geometrico that he doesn’t remember buying or packing in a box of books when he arrives in Santa Teresa (185). Clips it to the outdoor clothesline (190). Begins to hear voices of his grandfather or father or maybe just a ghost.


Amalfitano’s daughter (163). Seventeen years old and Spanish. Her mother is Lola (164).


Amalfitano’s ex-wife. Rosa’s mother. Always carries a switchblade (164). Her favorite poet lives the insane asylum in Mondragon and she believes (although, according to Amalfitano, it isn’t true) that she had slept with the poet at a party. Runs off with Imma to see the poet (166). Is able to gain entry into the asylum on the third try and speaks to the Poet, meets Gorka (171). Has a brief relationship with Larrazabal (175-179). Has another son named Benoit (182). Returns to Amalfitano after seven years (182-183). Reveals that she was diagnosed with AIDS while in France (184). Â Leaves again after a few days (184-185).

Inmaculada (“Imma”)

Friend of Lola, who calls her Imma. Lesbian (167). Travels with Lola to visit the poet in Mondragon.  Once they are able to meet with The Poet, she essentially stands against the wall, reading poems. Their money runs out shortly afterward and Imma goes to make some money and never returns (175).

The Poet

Lives in an insane asylum in Mondragon (165). Gay. Heavily medicated. Blows smoke rings “in the most unlikely shapes” (172).


Friend of Inma.  Lola and Inma stay with her and her husband (Jon) when they first arrive in Mondragon. She had been an ETA commando (171).


The Poet’s doctor. He is writing a biography of the Poet (173). It is entirely possible that Gorka is just a patient at the asylum.


A driver that picks up Lola on the road. Takes her to the cemetery in Mondragon, where they have sex (175). They run into each other again in the cemetery when he has brought another woman there (176-177). Lola moves in with him and he becomes her lover, gives her money, takes her to the asylum (179).

Silvia Perez

Professor. She convinces Amalfitano to take the teaching job in Santa Teresa.  They meet in Buenos Aires and then later in Barcelona (199).  Has a 16 year-old son (204). Â Amalfitano and Rosa accompany Silvia and her son on a trip (204-205). She appears to have a romantic interest in Amalfitano.

Marco Antonio Guerra

Dean Guerra’s son. Carries a gun. He gives Amalfitano a ride home from the university, but first they go for a drink outside of Santa Teresa (214-216). He likes to get into fights – both to give beatings and to get beat up. He only reads poetry (226).

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