Week 2: Locations

by Sara Corona Goldstein

Week Two (pp. 51-102)

Palermo, Italy — a Serbian critic asserts in a published paper that Archimboldi traveled here and bought a plane ticket to Morocco. (p. 55)

London — at the beginning of 1997, Norton invites both Pelletier and Espinoza to visit her. (p. 57)

Berlin, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Mainz — respectively: an assembly, congress, symposium, and conference, each attended by a different combination of the four critics. (p. 62)

London — Pelletier and Espinoza visit Norton again; they meet Alex Pritchard. (p. 64)

Bologna, Italy — Pelletier, Espinoza, and Morini attend a conference on Archimboldi. They ask his advice about their romantic imbroglio. (p. 71)

Saint George’s Road, London— Pelletier and Espinoza beat a Pakistani cab driver while Norton looks on. (p. 74)

Berlin — while attending a conference here, Pelletier and Espinoza visit their first brothel. (p. 80)

Auguste Demarre Clinic near Montreux, Switzerland— Pelletier, Espinoza, and Morini visit the lunatic asylum and meet with Edwin Johns. (p. 87)

Toulouse, France — during a seminar here, the four critics meet Rodolfo Alatorre. (p. 99)

Mexico City, Mexico — Alatorre’s friend Almendro (aka El Cerdo) receives a call from (a man he claims is) Archimboldi and goes to meet him. (p. 100)

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3 Responses to “Week 2: Locations”

  • Comment from brooks

    I’ve updated the Google Map with these new locations – Thanks Sara!

    Also, it’s interesting to note that the map has been viewed 13,134 times! Wow!

  • Comment from XC

    “Saint George’s Road, London – Pelletier and Espinoza beat a Pakistani cab driver while Norton looks on. (p. 74)”

    This scene takes place after the cab has circled (Geraldine Mary) Harmsworth Park and the Imperial War Museum, up Brook Drive, Austral and Geraldine St to St George’s Rd. This route in 1997 would take all the participants on a circular route past The Obelisk that was then situated on St George’s Rd in the grounds of the War Museum. A year later the Obelisk was moved back to it’s original site at St George’s Circus not far away. Given the later murders near El Obelisco, I wonder why this episode takes place here in a part of South London which has no other mention in the plot before they get in the cab inexplicably near Brook Drive?

    Also a local would know that the taxi route is impossible because you can’t go up Geraldine St to St George’s Rd as it’s a one way street in the opposite direction!

    Did Bolano come to London? Would he have know this area?

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