The Group Read forums are now up and running. Feel free to get an early start over the weekend on discussing the first 51 pages—or anything else you’d like to talk about. However, treat forums for later sections of the novel will be locked until we reach that point in the schedule. Remember, no spoilers!

Let me know if you have any technical difficulties:

UPDATE: To be more clear: don’t discuss anything past page 51.

Maria Bustillos

Our other guide throughout this read (besides me and the trackers) will be Maria Bustillos. Here is her official bio:

Maria Bustillos is the author of Dorkismo: the Macho of the Dork and Act Like a Gentleman, viagra sale Think Like a Woman. She lives in Los Angeles, remedy can be contacted at, and is on Twitter as @mariabustillos.

But beyond that I can tell you that she is an incredibly talented thinker and writer. For example, she loved The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and hated Avatar with the fire of a thousand suns.

Welcome aboard, Maria!

More Mentions

As we approach the beginning of the group read, ampoule more people have decided to follow along. In the past week, for sale these fine folks have given us a mention or two:

National Post

Thrillist (Austin)

Conversational Reading

Cesar Torres

The Daily Snowman

Erin’s Library

John at Holy Crap Books

If you are following along on your blog, be sure to leave a comment (and a link).

Introducing the Trackers

One way this group read will be different from other previous group reads is that we will have several readers assigned to tracking different strands or threads throughout the novel. We will post on these strands or topics every week. In some cases that will mean adding to a running tally, visit and in some cases it will mean posting a new batch of summaries. We have six volunteer trackers following five strands. Part of the idea here is to make more of an analytic study of the novel. The weekly commentary will also delve deeper into the themes and ideas interspersed throughout the book.

The trackers are:

Daryl L.L. Houston – Dream Tracker (short summaries of every dream sequence in the book)

DARYL L.L. HOUSTON of Infinite Zombies signed on to blog Infinite Jest for the original installment of Infinite Summer and had so much fun doing it that he decided to stick around and blog Dracula as well. Now he’s here yet again to write from time to time about 2666. He has worked as a pig farmer, approved roller coaster driver, and copy editor and now pulls levers and knobs as a computer programmer in Knoxville, Tenn

Brooks Williams – Character Tracker (an annotated list of all the character names in the book)

BROOKS WILLIAMS lives in rural Illinois. He blogs at and is @brooks on twitter. He wishes he could bathe in the smell of old books.

Meaghan Doyle – Vocabulary Tracker (a list of difficult words and their definitions)

MEAGHAN DOYLE is a lawyer, librarian, and lover of books, TV and movies—but not necessarily in that order. In her spare time, she helps maintain the blog Infomavens’ Desktop, a fun and insightful (hopefully) blog about books, media, information and anything else they find interesting.

Michael Cooler & Nicole Perrin – Death Trackers (an annotated, numbered list of every death in the book)

MICHAEL COOLER was born in 1983 and grew up in Lakeview, a remote town in Eastern Oregon, land of sagebrush and cattle. Now living in Springfield, Oregon, he enjoys reading, hiking, brewing beer, and cooking pizza.

NICOLE PERRIN is an editor, reader, and print junkie who blogs about
books at

Sara Corona Goldstein – Location Tracker (a list of all place names in the book)

SARA CORONA GOLDSTEIN is a graduate of Pomona College, where she studied English and Spanish and spent time in Santiago, Chile. She works as a college admissions officer.

• Don’t forget: the group read launches next Monday (January 25), but you can read up to page 51 before then. The schedule is here.

A Clarification

I’ve had several people ask if they should begin reading 2666 now so they can discuss the first 50 pages starting January 25 or if they should wait until January 25 to begin reading the first 50 pages.

I say start reading now.

Our kickoff post on January 25 will give an overview of the first 50 pages and discussion throughout that week will focus on the first 50 pages (remember, for sale no spoilers). At some point during that week, health you’ll also need to do the next week’s reading. I know this seems a little clunky at the start of things, but once we get into the groove of it all, it will make a lot more sense.

New Design

I’m switching wordpress templates.

I thought the other one was a bit old and boring.

I’m really excited about this 2666 Group Read and can’t wait to announce all of the things we have planned. Get ready!

Call for Volunteers

I am looking for four volunteer readers to track specific strands or themes throughout 2666. For example, advice I am looking for someone to keep a log of all the deaths in the book. The only requirements are that you commit to reading the whole book and keep a weekly log. Email me at if you are interested.

UPDATE: I think we have enough volunteers now. Thanks, everyone!

More Groups and Links

Another thing I forgot to mention is that you are all stuck with paper:
eBookNewser points out that there is no ebook version of 2666 yet.

For this Group Read I have also created discussion groups at Shelfari and Goodreads. Feel free to join and discuss there, approved too.

GoodReads Group
Shelfari Group

There is also a mention of adding discussion at the forums of Something Awful. (All shapes and size, Vincent.)

A few other places that are following along:

Words Without Borders


I Just Read About That


I got some reports yesterday that people were unable to post comments on this blog. I’ve turned off the requirement to register to post comments now.

If you are still having problems, pill email me at

Facebook Group

If you’re on Facebook and want to take advantage of some of the discussion features there, website like this I’ve created a Facebook Group for this group read:

2666 Group Read

Feel free to join and follow along there, too.

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