Recent Bolaño news

One of the more bizarre references to Bolaño turned up in this interview with actress Natasha Lyonne.

“I’m my own book club,” she said, a little sardonically and a little earnestly in the fiction section. “Did you read this?” she asked, pulling Roberto Bolano’s epic “2666” off the shelf. A reporter, sheepishly, admitted that he hadn’t. “I’ve read all of Bolano,” Ms. Lyonne said. “At the time, I wasn’t so into it and then it came back to me as a dream. Some of the stuff is very vivid.”

There is a great review of the four newest Bolaño titles (Monsieur Pain, Antwerp, The Return, and The Insufferable Gaucho) released by New Directions here:

That review doesn’t deal with The Skating Rink, but there is a great review of it in The Independent.

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