Link Roundup

There are still some brave souls out there trekking through the Sonoran desert with us.

First and foremost, Infinite Zombies is absolutely packed with insight and analysis. If you care at all about 2666, it is required reading.

Frequent Zombies contributor Steve Brassawe also has his own blog of 2666 commentary: A Solipsist’s 2666

There are always tons of great posts over on The Daily Snowman.

I Just Read About That includes some of the best summaries and opinions of the group read. Check it out!

Christine over at Naptime Writing has strong opinions about Bolaño’s project—and she finds some of the most intriguing quotes in the novel.

Dan at Bleakonomy has a great blog that also includes posts for every week of the group read:

There is some excellent discussion of the novel underway over at Alone With Each Other:

We still have some discussion going on over in the forums as well:

If you are following along, leave a comment and let us know! Ready to quit yet? Loving it? Hating it, but reading anyway? And leave a link if you are posting your thoughts elsewhere.

Hat tip to our own Nicole at bibliographing (one of the best lit blogs out there, btw) for the roundup idea this week.

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