Week 15: I will not let thee go except thou be blessed

And so we came to the end, not with a bang but with a whimper. At the end of this week, the group read of 2666 is officially over. But I feel like there is a lot of unfinished business. There are a lot of sections in the novel that I still want to investigate further. The book is so dense with names and allusions that it will take a lot of work to explicate all of them. There are lists to be made, connections to tease out, and maps to be drawn.

But I am proud of what we have accomplished here. The level of discussion throughout has been superb. I have learned so much from my fellow contributors here on the site and on the other blogs.

I want to thank the lovely and talented Maria Bustillos for graciously agreeing to co-host this project with me. Her posts have been the highlight of the group read for me. It’s been so thrilling to see her reactions and interpretations of things I missed or couldn’t pinpoint. Thank you, Maria.

I want to thank Daryl Houston for consistently tracking one of the most complex pieces of data in this novel: who dreams what. Daryl’s analysis and posts at Infinite Zombies are some of the best extant scholarship on 2666. I look forward to reading Moby-Dick with him and the other zombies.

I want to thank Michael Cooler and Nicole Perrin who meticulously tracked every death in 2666. For those who wondered, Bolaño documents the murders of 112 women in The Part About The Crimes. Thank you both for volunteering your time and your excellent work every step of the way.

I want to thank Meaghan Doyle for tracking the vocabulary, Brooks Williams for tracking the characters, and Sara Corona Goldstein for tracking the locations. I truly appreciate it.

I want to thank Lorin Stein for talking about 2666 with me on this blog, and for helping to bring Bolaño to the forefront of world literature.

I want to thank everyone who commented here, on the forums, on Twitter, and Facebook. Your participation has added to everyone’s understanding of the novel. This is the end of the schedule, but it’s not the end of this blog, posts about 2666, or your welcome here. Please stick around.

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3 Responses to “Week 15: I will not let thee go except thou be blessed”

  • Comment from Paul Debraski

    And thank you for hosting us. I am sorry that I didn’t contribute as much to this site (I’m not really antisocial, just a little bit). I wish that I had had more time to spend commenting around the posts, but I found myself more busy than usual, so I had to stick with my own resource. Nevertheless, I greatly appreciated reading along with all of you. And for introducing me to that wondrous world of Roberto!

  • Comment from Dan

    Thanks for running this, Matt! I only got involved in the conversation late in the read, but I enjoyed reading the posts.

  • Comment from Jenny

    I really enjoyed the blogs to pair with the book, although I gave in and finished a month or so ago.

    What do you think you’ll read next? If you end up needing another tracker, I’d enjoy doing something like that. Reading the various trackers’ posts made me pay more attention to what I was reading, and that made the book even more meaningful to me.

    I don’t have a reading or book blog since I have a GoodReads account and work on blogs for so many other things but this has really created a craving to start one. I’m mulling it over. But thanks again!

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