Week 9: Locations

by Sara Corona Goldstein

Cerro Estrella – another woman is found here at the end of September 1995. (p. 466)

Colonia Lomas del Toro – Estrella Ruiz Sandoval’s older sister lives here. (p. 467)

Casas Negras – Rosa María Medina’s father found the stone outside their house here. (p. 468)

Downtown Santa Teresa – Klaus Haas’s computer store is here. (p. 474)

Colonia Veracruz – Juan Pablo Castañón, approved the boy who works at Haas’s computer store, page lives here. (p. 475)

Tijuana – Haas owns another computer store here. (p. 476)

Denver, recipe Colorado – Haas lived here briefly, according to Juan Pablo – though he didn’t, really. (p. 476)

Colonia El Cerezal – Haas lives here. (p. 477)

Tampa, Florida – Haas lived here and was accused of attempted rape by Laurie Enciso, among other things. (p. 477)

Bielefeld, West Germany – Haas was born here in 1955. (p. 478)

Colonia Centena – Haas owns another computer store here. (p. 478)

El Alamillo – the rancher in one of the four private cells in the Santa Teresa jail is from here. (p. 481)

Cananea – Enrique Hernández was born here. (p. 491)

San Blas, in northern Sinaloa – four gunmen show up at a warehouse here and kill two watchmen, then steal the shipment of coke they were guarding. (p. 492)

A road between La Discordia and El Sasabe – one of Campuzano’s trucks was attacked and stolen here. (p. 492)

El Ojito ravine – Adela García Estrada is found here in November 1995. (p. 493)

Colonia La Vistosa – another dead woman is found here on November 20, 1995. (p. 493)

Colonia Sur – Beatriz Concepción Roldan is from here. (p. 494)

Colonia Morelos, near Morelos Preparatory School – the body of Michelle Requjo is found here in December 1995. (p. 495)

Colonia Las Flores – Rosa López Larios, found in December 1995, was from here. (p. 497)

Colonia Álamos – Ema Contreras, also found in December 1995, was from here. (p. 498)

El Obelisco – a settlement just outside Santa Teresa, sometimes called El Moridero, near where two bodies were found in early 1996. (p. 502)

Cerro Estrella – another girl is found here in March 1996. (p. 503)

Colonia Carranza – Sagrario Baeza López, whose work ID showed up on the body of a victim in the first week of April 1996, lives here. (p. 507)

Guadalajara – René Alvarado was from here. (p. 508)

Colonia Madero-Norte – Paula Sánchez Garcés, a dancer at El Pelicáno, lived here. (p. 509)

Colonia San Bartolomé – Ana Hernández Cecilio, mistakenly pronounced dead, lived here. (p. 510)

Colonia Maytorena – Arturo Olivárez lived here. (p. 510)

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