Week 8: Locations

by Sara Corona Goldstein

Huntsville, pill Arizona – Lucy Anne Sander lived here. (p. 406)

Mississippi – Lucy Anne Sander was born here. (p. 406)

Calle Verdejo, in Colonia Centro-Norte – the American consulate is here. (p. 407)

Diego Riveras School, in Colonia Lomas del Toro – Mónica Durán Reyes was kidnapped from here. Rebecca Fernández de Hoyos is found in this Colonia, also. (p. 412)

Oaxaca – Rebecca Fernández de Hoyos is from here. (p. 412)

Internal Affairs on Avenida Madero-Norte – a whorehouse where Harry Magaña befriends Demetrio Águila. (p. 415)

Calle Luciérnaga in Colonia Rubén Darío – Águila has a house here, where he lets Magaña stay. (p. 415)

Churcarit – Magaña discovers a love letter written to Miguel Montes by a girl from here. Magaña and Águilar agree that this is Montes’ hometown. (p. 422)

Calle Alondra, in Colonia Podestá – in November 1994 a woman’s body is found here in on the second floor of a building under construction. (p. 424)

Profesor Emilio Cervantes, in Colonia Lomas del Toro – Silvana Pérez Arjona attended school here until she had to drop out. (p. 426)

Nácori Grande – Florita Almada (La Santa) was born here. (p. 429)

Villa Pesqueria – Florita Almada and her family move here. She marries a livestock dealer. (p. 429)

Hermosillo – Reinaldo’s TV show, on which Florita Almada appears, has its station here. (p. 434)

Guaymas – the ventriloquist on Reinaldo’s TV show is from here. (p. 434)

Churcarit – Harry Magaña travels here, meets María del Mar Enciso Montes, and visits Miguel Montes’ house. (p. 437)

Tijuana – Magaña travels here, calls his friend from the LAPD, and meets Raúl Ramírez Cerezo and Chucho. (p. 440)

Calle Santa Catarina, in Colonia Carranza – Magaña goes to Elsa Fuentes’ house here. (p. 445)

Toconilco, Durango – Elsa Fuentes’ mother lives here. (p. 447)

Calle Portal de San Pablo – Magaña goes here, to Francisco Díaz’s house. (p. 448)

Querétaro – Paula García Zapatero is from here. (p. 454)

Sage, California – Abe (Conan) Mitchell, the American consul, spends time in his cabin here. (p. 455)

Escondido, California – Mitchell’s wife stays here with her sister while he is in Sage. (p. 455)

Michoacán – Mónica Posades and her family are from here. (p. 461)

Vasconelos Preparatory School, in Colonia Reforma – Marisa Hernández Silva attended school here. (p. 463)

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