Week 6: Locations

by Sara Corona Goldstein

Harlem, generic New York – Fate meets the Mohammedan Brotherhood here during a pro-Palestine demonstration just after 9/11. (p. 290)

Bronx, New York – Fate has an appointment with Khalil of the Mohammedan Brotherhood. (p. 292)

Mexico City – Guadalupe Roncal works for a newspaper here. (p. 296)

New York University – Fate went to college here. (p. 300)

Sioux City, Iowa – Chuck Campbell went to college here. (p. 300)

Arena del Norte boxing stadium – Fate goes here once in the morning, then again for the fight in the evening. He meets Rosa Amalfitano here. (p. 303, 305)

Veracruz, Mexico – Rosa Méndez asks if Fate has ever been here; “something bad must have happened” to her here. (p. 310)

El Rey del Taco – Fate, Rosa, Rosita, Chucho, Cruz, and Corona eat here after the fight. (p. 312)

Hermosillo – García, one of Merolino’s sparring partners, spent eight years in prison here for killing his sister. (p. 319)

Charly Cruz’s house – Fate & co. end up here the night of the fight. (p. 319)

Fire, Walk With Me – a 24-hour cybercafé in Santa Teresa to which the clerk at Fate’s motel gives him directions. Fate does not go. (p. 339)

Santa Teresa prison – Rosa Amalfitano and Fate go with Guadalupe Roncal here to interview the chief suspect for the murders. (p. 345)

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One Response to “Week 6: Locations”

  • Comment from Steve

    I would like to add Smithland, Iowa, to the list. The map indicator for Sioux City is close enough. Campbell reminisces about a bar in a kind of country inn under some trees a few miles east of Smithland. Page 300.

    It is a laughable reminiscence. One might encounter a couple of girls in the bars in that vicinity, but there are no bar girls.

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