Week 6: Dreams

by Daryl L.L. Houston

299: Guadalupe Roncal describes the Santa Teresa prison as being like a bad dream.

300: Guadalupe Roncal says the suspect in the Santa Teresa murders has the face of a dreamer. “He has the face of a dreamer, remedy but of a dreamer who’s dreaming at great speed. A dreamer whose dreams are far out ahead of our dreams.” Recall Espinoza’s dream back on 114, in which figures in the painting in his hotel room are moving almost imperceptibly, “as if they were living in a world different from ours, where speed was different.”

308: The song that plays over the loudspeakers after the boxing match has a tone whose defiant tone includes a hint of “corrosive humor, a humor that existed only in relation to itself and in dreams, no matter whether the dreams were long or short.”

313: Some of the teenage girls working at El Rey del Taco have tears in their eyes, “and they seemed unreal, faces glimpsed in a dream.”

342: When Fate takes Rosa back home after their misadventure, a look the father and daughter give one another strikes him as a look given “as if they were asleep and their dreams had converged on common ground, a place where sound was alien.”

347: Guadalupe Roncal stands next to Fate and Rosa with her eyes very wide, “as if her worst nightmares had come true.”

347: After fleeing with Rosa and crossing the border, Oscar observes a few people and thinks that the experience is like somebody else’s dream.

349: About to confront the murder suspect in jail, Fate wonders if he might be dreaming.

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