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The Chronicle of Higher Ed has an article about Bolaño by noted Latin American Studies scholar Ilan Stavans, hospital but unfortunately it is frozen behind their paywall. C’mon, page Chron! Be a part of the conversation, don’t lock your content away. Even the New York Times got rid of Times Select. You’re no special snowflake!

If anyone has a Chronicle login, please let m
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5498301.story”>Los Angeles Times by Ben Ehrenreich

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Boston Phoenix by Peter Keough

TIME by Lev Grossman

Newsweek by Malcolm Jones

The Buffalo News by Jeff Simon

The Oregonian by Richard Melo

Powells.com by Jeremy Garber

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Toronto Globe and Mail by J.S. Goldbach

Toronto Star by Derek Weiler


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In 2002,
Salon.com published a long article by Max Blumenthal on the murders of women in Ciudad Juarez. Articles like these are great background for reading 2666.

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